A versioning technology

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Git is a software that is defined as an industry-standard version control system. What is a version control system?

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A version control system is a system that allows developers to make changes to a file, keeping track of the changes you made to your project from time to time, and revert changes. A good understanding of Git is crucial in your day-to-day task as a developer. To increase productivity and collaborate on projects with other developers, you also need Git. …

Let’s talk about ‘ay-SIHN-kro-nuhs’ JavaScript.

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The Analogy

Have your parents ever promised to buy you the things you wished for?

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What is an asynchronous operation in JavaScript?

Asynchronous operation refers to an operation that allows a computer to continue executing other code while waiting for asynchronous operations to complete. With that being said, we can save our time by using an asynchronous approach and prevent our programs from coming to a halt.

A real-life example of the asynchronous operation is when your robot is helping you to do your house chores; you’re free to do anything you want in the meantime.

The same goes for…

Iterators smoothen our code and increase readability

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What are Iterators?

You may be asking me now why the h*ck do I put loop in the picture?

Imagine when you want to iterate through an array and use a for loop. That code may be freaking long. So let me introduce you to what are iterators.

Iterators are built-in JavaScript methods that enable us to iterate over an array and manipulate data inside an array with ease, they are called iteration methods.

1. forEach( )

From the top view, .forEach( )method takes in argument as a callback then executes each element in the array.

For example:

Learn JavaScript In 8 Minutes

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Before reading, I must say this is for absolute beginners only.

What the heck is even JavaScript?

If you never learn how to crawl first, you’ll never learn how to walk.

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Let’s take a look back at 2020, look how many people are getting fired from their job due to COVID-19. Even I have friends & relatives impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic mostly in the travel industry.

Let me tell you about my experience when I was first starting out learning how to code and constantly banging the wall, I’ll bring you time travel along with me back to when it was September 2020. I started learning how to code on my own when my country (Malaysia) went into lockdown, schools were forced to close down due to Movement Control Order

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